This is not a substitute for legal advice.  An attorney must be consulted.

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What are Sample Forms?

Although samples of various forms are provided in the following text for review, it is important to be mindful that these samples are examples that may or may not be  applicable or satisfactory for your individual needs.  Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that the following "samples" should be reviewed with an attorney in order to ascertain their complete and proper usage.

Many of the duties, rights and obligations of individuals becoming shareholders of the corporation involve complex legal issues and involve various laws which have evolved over a substantial period of time, during which many changes have been made.  Accordingly, it is very important that an individual who seeks to incorporate properly and wishes to have his rights properly protected consult an attorney.  The attorney should be an individual who is experienced in the dealings of corporate law and who is familiar with not only the incorporation process for the state, but one who is also familiar with various tax consequences.  In this regard, the attorney consulted should be in a position to advise the incorporating parties and/or prospective shareholders of the consequences of closely held corporations, "C" and "S" Corporations, the requirements for Subchapter S filing status, and other federal tax information including the federal tax identification number application.


Copyright © 1994 - 2014 by LAWCHEK, LTD.

This is not a substitute for legal advice. An attorney must be consulted.